Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 23rd @ 6:30 NYSE: Web Development in the Scala World outside of Lift with Peter Hausel

In December, harryh from Foursquare presented the Lift Framework, the most well known and highly used Scala based web framework. Lift is great, but if you're like me then you like a healthy dose of competition. So where are the other Scala based web frameworks? Peter Hausel (@pk11) knows!

Peter will talk about:

The work he's been doing to integrate Scala into The Play Framework - which if you ask me (Dustin), is the best thing to come to Java web development since Grails.

And his very own Pinky, a REST/MVC glue web framework built on top of Guice and Guice Servlet 2.0, which boasts:

* Out of the box support for REST via managed servlets
* No learning curve (we are dealing with plain old servlets/filters after all)
* akka integration
* comet integration
* Easy access to Request/Response objects
* and a ton of other features!

Again, there will be pizza and beer! Details at our meetup.com site


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