Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Melbourne Scala User Group and the Scandal of the Disappearing Pint

Using his most remarkable powers of deduction, my good friend Holmes had ascertained the precise time and location where the Melbourne Scala User Group was to have its final assemblage for the year. At six-thirty precisely, on Monday the twenty-third of November, we were to present ourselves at the establishment where the various miscreants and cohorts were due to confabulate.

"I quite expect," said he, "that there will be much discourse, jocularity and consumption of beverages. But we must not let down our guards for one instant! Who knows when we might be engaged in the topic of internal DSLs, tail recursion or our plans for Christmas".

"Do you think we'll enjoy ourselves?" I queried.

"Quite so. In fact, I'll wager you half a guinea that we do. It is elementary".

The story continues at...

Melbourne Scala User Group's end of year social pub night.
6:30pm, Monday 23 November
415 Collins Street, Melbourne [map]


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