Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ann: New York Scala Enthusiasts: Testing in Scala, April 27th at 6:30pm


Thanks everyone for coming last Thursday, we had a great "emergency" with Jorge Ortiz, and on that note we're going to keep it going with Josh Cough on April 27th - here are the details:
Josh Cough of both planetscala and ScalaTest fame - and probably one of the groups most experienced Scala developers - will be discussing "Testing with Scala" at our next meetup, April 27th at 6:30pm.

Josh is working with Bill Venners to develop ScalaTest, a testing framework designed to facilitate different styles of testing, including some interesting behavior driven testing and more traditional JUnit/TestNG style testing. However, Josh wanted to emphasize his discussion will cover the many methods available for testing in Scala, not just ScalaTest. Quoting Josh directly:

"I noticed that a lot of the people at the meetup were newcomers, both to our meetup and to Scala. To accommodate the them, the talk will be more of a gentle introduction than this past meetup (which wasn't an introduction at all). I think this approach meshes well with ScalaTest, which eases you into Scala by supporting many of the ways that Java developers are used to programming tests, including JUnit and TestNG. After the introduction we'll be cover more advanced features in ScalaTest, move onto Specs, mocking in Scala, and ScalaCheck, time permitting. The talk should have plenty enough content and gusto to captivate the more experienced Scala developers in the group. I'm really excited."

Josh has shown great insight and experience with Scala at all of our meetings, and this should be a great presentation. Check out his blog and get ready for a great meeting!

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