Tuesday, March 24, 2009

ANN: New York Scala Enthusiasts 2nd Meeting: The Actors Library

On Monday, March 30th we'll be having our 2nd New York Scala Enthusiasts Meetup.
Shashank Tiwari will be giving a presentation on the actors library. Here is an abstract and some information on Shashank:

Presentation Abstract
Scala is the new language within the JVM. Among other nifty features, it brings the Erlang style concurrency without low-level manipulation of threads to the JVM. In this session, we see why and how this actor based concurrency model may make it easy for you to build application on the JVM without sweating over complex thread-handling mechanisms.

Shashank Tiwari
Chief Technologist, Saven Technologies Inc.
Shashank Tiwari is the Chief Technologist at Saven Technologies, a technology driven business solutions company headquartered in Chicago, IL. As an experienced software developer and architect, he is adept in a multitude of technologies. He is an expert group member on a number of JCP (Java Community Process) specifications, JSRs 274, 283, 299, 301 & 312, and is an Adobe Flex Champion. Currently, he passionately builds rich high performance applications and advises many on RIA and SOA adoption. Many of his clients are banking, money management, and financial service companies that he has helped build robust, quantitative, data-intensive, highly interactive, and scalable applications. He writes regularly in many technical magazines, presents in seminars and mentors developers and architects. He has a popular blog on the O'Reilly Network. He is an ardent supporter of and contributor to open source software. He lives with his wife and two sons in New York. More information about him can be accessed at his website.

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