Thursday, July 31, 2008

Scala News Aggregators

There's been a steady increase in the number of people writing about Scala online. Hopefully we here at Scala Blogs have done our part to help encourage this. However, with more and more people writing about Scala, it gets harder and harder to find all the Scala-related content online. Here's a short guide to the Scala content aggregators I've found.

  • Scala Blogs: We have our very own aggregators. The bottom two panes on the right side of the screen show the most recent links tagged with the "scala" label on and the most recent results for "scala" on Google Blog Search. (Advantages: Content not found by other aggregators. Disadvantages: small and hard to find, no history unless you visit or Blog Search directly.)
  • Scala Buzz: Artima's Scala Buzz forums aggregate content from several prominent Scala bloggers. It also provides in-site discussion of articles.
  • Planet Scala: David MacIver put together the excellent Planet Scala, which also aggregates content from prominent Scala blogs. He's pretty good about adding new feeds as they become relevant, but as far as I can tell you can't submit one-off links.
  • Scala Room on FriendFeed: Robin Barooah put together a Scala room on FriendFeed. This one is probably my favorite, as it aggregates feeds specified by the administrator as well as allows individual members to submit one-off links. It also allows for in-site discussion. It doesn't get much traffic, but some of the Bay Area Scala Enthuisasts ocassionally hang out here.
  • Scala Reddit: Amir Michail set up a Scala subreddit a few months ago. It's similar in concept to the FriendFeed room, except it doesn't automatically add content from specified feeds and seems to have languished from lack of attention.
My favorites are probably the FriendFeed Room and Planet Scala. Do you know of any others that I missed?


David R. MacIver said...

Hi Jorge,

Glad you enjoy Planet Scala. :-) You can indeed not submit individual links to it. This is by design - it's very much a feed aggregator, not a bookmarking system.

That being said, I'm always happy to add new feeds to it if you find any that aren't on there and should be - either drop me an email, give me a poke on IRC (DRMacIver on freenode), etc.

James Iry said...

Chris said...

Hi, thanks for your great blog! There is a quite new German Language Scala Forum at with a series of Scala tutorials named "S4JP - Scala 4 Java Programmers".

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