Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Scala class at Stanford

I am pleased to announce that Ben Newman, Julien Wetterwald, and I will be teaching CS94SI: Cross-Paradigm Programming with Scala, a student-initiated course at Stanford University this coming Spring. As the name suggests, the course will focus on how Scala can be used to program with several programming paradigms (functional, object-oriented, concurrent, domain-specific, etc.).

If you have any experience teaching Scala, in an academic setting or otherwise, I'd love to hear about your experiences at

<Lecturer Details>
Ben is pursuing a Masters degree in Computer Science at Stanford with a specialization in Software Theory. He has a passion for programming languages and has extensive teaching experience, having been a teaching assistant for CS106A, CS107, and CS156 at Stanford.

Julien is also pursuing a Masters degree in Computer Science at Stanford with a specialization in Software Theory. His main areas of interest are programming language design and compilers. As an undergraduate at EPFL, he was a teaching assistant for Martin Odersky's class Programmation IV, taught in Scala. He has used Scala to write a compiler and a domain-specific language for graphical user interfaces.

Jorge graduated from Stanford with a Bachelors in Symbolic Systems in June 2007. During his time there he helped teach CS106A, CS106X, and CS107. He is a contributor for and the lift web framework, written in Scala. He uses lift and Scala every day at work.
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<Course Details>
No previous exposure to Scala is required, though we do ask that students have studied at least two programming languages in an academic setting (CS107 is recommended; CS 242 may increase your appreciation for the class). Students will be expected to complete a final project of their choosing. The one-unit class will meet Wednesdays from 4:15-5:45pm in Gates 260. Stanford students can register for CS94SI on Axess.
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