Monday, January 28, 2008

Meet the scala.xml book if you haven't yet

If you don't use scala for XML processing, you can stop reading now.

I moved the scala.xml book to a new location (and removed the highlighting).

For all those who do not know this book, it describes the scala.xml library. Read it, or better yet link to it in your blogs.

For all those who know it, there are no new chapters, only minor corrections.

Apart from the book, revision r13821 now has the support for using Option[Seq[Node]] in nullable attributes (which may be somewhat preferable to passing null). The scala.xml draft book mentions that change and contains a small fix (the concat method was replaced for ++, and the code example uses the proper sequence escape).

All full code examples compile with scala 2.6.1. Suggestions, any kind of feedback welcome.