Monday, January 7, 2008

Announcing lift 0.4


The lift team is pleased to announce the release of version 0.4 of the lift web framework.

lift is an expressive and elegant open source framework for writing web applications. lift stresses the importance of security, maintainability, scalability and performance, while allowing for high levels of developer productivity.

lift borrows from the best of existing frameworks, providing

* Seaside's highly granular sessions and security
* Rails fast flash-to-bang
* Django's "more than just CRUD is included"
* Wicket's designer-friendly templating style (see Lift View First)

And because lift applications are written in Scala, an elegant new JVM language, you can still use your favorite Java libraries and deploy to your favorite Servlet Container. Use the code you've already written and deploy to the container you've already configured!

Version 0.4 marks a few major milestones for lift. It's the first time-based release we've done for lift. We're planning to do a monthly release between now and the 1.0 release of lift.

Version 0.4 also marks the first time folks other than me have made the largest contributions to lift during a release. Maciek's PostgreSQL support and DavidB's <head> rewrite contributions are amazing and important to lift. SteveJ continues his messaging rampage with XMPP support. Additionally, DavidB and Eric Torreborre (who has just joined the lift team) have been working on a test framework for lift.

So, please try lift 0.4, join the lift community and give us some feedback.



Changes in this version include:

New features:
o Added XMPP support for lift applications. see the package net.liftweb.xmpp
o Added support for switching XHTML MIME type serving off. See LiftServet.useXhtmlMimeType
o Adding support to H2 to lift-ORM
o Adding support to PostgreSQL to lift-ORM
o /html/body//head are merged into /html/head, to allow html fragment inlined into body to contribute to /html/head
o Adding a new lift archetype, lift-archetype-basic that will generate a lift template with basic database and users functionality.
o Adding LiftConsole to archetype to play with lift-based application in console mode
o Adding mock for HTTPRequest and Co
o Adding first Specs test to test lift-core

o Upgrade to scala-2.6.1
o Support for PosgreSQL 8.1 and some tests
o The look of the maven site generated (for lift itself and for archetypes)

o Removing deprecated new_proj (replaced by archetypes)
o Removing lift-archetype-hellolift (replaced by lift-archetype-basic (and the sample application hellolift))